Dance fearlessly.


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Designed with you in mind

I created these dance knee pads because as a pole dancer myself of 10 years, I value the importance of protecting our knees as we push ourselves to new heights.

I took my time and spent over 2.5 years researching and developing a knee pad that not only protects your knees but also reduces our impact on the environment through sourcing the most technical, sustainable and durable materials.

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D3O® offers the most thinnest and most advanced protection against impact. It absorbs and dissipates energy unlike other EVA foam or gel padding.

SuperFabric® is an abrasion and cut resistant fabric which is key to withstanding all your dance floorwork.


“I would absolutely be using this over any other option especially in the training environment where I’m doing brand new tricks that might not be as refined”


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Just like our pole wear, we are committed to creating investments that are not just for show.

With countless hours of researching and testing different materials, designs and construction methods, they not only provide superior protection and support, but also have timeless durability and sustainability. 

We hope that our knee pads will be a product that you’ll trust for years to come.

Boost+ Protection Additional Padding

When learning new tricks, repetition is key however, repetition is also the root cause of many long term knee issues which is why we have created this add-on.

If you have sensitive knees, are prone to bruising, have bursitis or just wish to train high impact tricks repetitively, we strongly recommend these as you only have one set of knees. 

Purchase these as a bundle with your knee pads and get $10 AUD off.


Don’t take our word for it

Listen to what others have to say

These are THE ultimate knee pads that everyone has been needing in their lives. I’ve been training on concrete floors – trying floor tricks such as knee kips and knee spins on floor & aerial tricks such as leg hangs and these knee pads just addresses all the knee pad issues I’ve had in the past. Doesn’t hurt my bursitis-burdening knees doing any floor kips (even on concrete), knee pads don’t move around my knees at all, knee pads are super slidy so it feels great doing any knee spinny tricks, the surface does not wear out whatsoever and can do any aerial tricks. I went back to my old knee pads I’ve been using for years and didn’t realise how painful they were :’) I guess you only know what you know best, and I didn’t know I needed these so much in my life!

My knee pads arrived today after purchasing them on Thursday so I went straight to the studio to test them out and the results were as expected, AMAZING! They really are everything they say they are. The fabric feels soo nice on your skin and you could literally wear them for hours with no itchiness or irritation. The quality of these knee pads are incredible. The grip around the top makes them stay in place and the coverage is right where you want it. It covers the shins perfectly and the hole at the back is nice and big. I also love that the hole goes up the side of the knee as well so you have good side/rear knee grip. They have like a rough texture on the front of the knee pad but they slide soo easily in floorwork! They are lightweight, comfortable and your knees feel soo well protected for those dynamic moves! You feel no pain on impact! I would highly recommended these knee pads 1000%. I’ll never buy another brand again. (Note: I paid full price for these knee pads, this is an honest review with no incentives)


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