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We are truly so proud to have spent over 2.5 years researching and developing the perfect knee pad for pole dancers, hip hop dancers, heels dancers, contemporary dancers and any dancer that requires knee protection. We believe that existing science and technology should be the back bone of creating this Ultimate Dance Knee Pad.

The dance knee pad cover is made from SuperFabric®, an abrasion and cut resistant technical fabric. SuperFabric® is created with a base fabric overlaid with tiny hard guard plates organised in a specific and intentional pattern. Due to the spacing, the pattern allows a degree of flexibility and breathability, however, is small enough to keep most sharp objects from penetrating.

D3O® is the material we have used for the dance knee pad padding which is like a foam but tougher and longer lasting. Upon impact, the foam hardens to protect you from the point of impact by distributing the force throughout the rest of the material and quickly softens up again.