Tatiana Active Ultimate Dance Knee Pads


Size Chart - Knee Pads


  1. Firstly, measure 6cm above your knee cap and then wrap the tape measurement around your lower thigh to work out your 'lower thigh circumference'
  2. Match with our size chart to find your perfect size




XS 34 - 39 13.4 - 15.3
S 40 - 45 15.7 - 17.7
M 46 - 51 18.1 - 20.1
L 52 - 57 20.5 - 22.4

[title text="What if I'm in between sizes" style="center"]

We have tailored a guide below based on feedback gather since the launch of the black knee pads back in March 2023 however, the final decision will come down to your personal preference and your usage requirements.

Choose the SMALLER size if:

  • You don't mind a tight fit when it comes to protective gear, clothing, pole wear etc
  • You are training kips, drops and flips on a regular basis and you do not want to risk the knee pad slipping out of place at the wrong time
  • You generally use the knee pad for hard impact training

Choose the LARGER size if:

  • You only do choreography classes, floorwork classes or heels dance classes that don't require high impact tricks
  • You do not like the feeling of being 'constricted' or wearing tight fitted items If your calf muscle is larger than average


XS31 - 39 CM
S40 - 48 CM
M49 - 57 CM
L58 - 66 CM

We are truly so proud to have spent over 2.5 years researching and developing the perfect dance knee pad for pole dancers, hip hop dancers, contemporary dancers and any dancer that requires knee protection. We believe that existing science and technology should be the back bone of creating this Ultimate Dance Knee Pad.

Put simply, we’ve put in all the effort to bring you a knee pad that will last longer and actually protect your knees with science backed technology.


Sizing & Fit

Our first model’s (upper thigh blossom tattoo) lower thigh measures 38cm and is wearing XS.

Our second & third model (Thai script tattoo and no tattoo) measure 42cm and 40cm respectively. Both are wearing size small.


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